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Background Information

How many times have you started a new game of Morrowind, only to think to yourself, "Oh crap, I have to build up my skill X to go along with my skill Y so I can get a 5x multiplier for Stat Z." If you're like us and hate planning this stuff out and just want to play the darn game already, this mod is for you. What the Madd Leveler mod does is strip out any need to plan your character out in advance. Your statistics will increase automatically as you use your skills, and you won't need to worry about trying to obtain 5x multipliers for leveling up.


You can view the full readme for the latest version here.

NEW: Edit the scripts in the Madd Leveler to suit your playing style! Use this helpful guide.


Updated: September 7, 2004 - 112Kb

Download the Madd Leveler v1.0 Right click and "Save as..." only. Rename from Madd Leveler v1b.zip.txt to Madd Leveler v1b.zip. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for downloading! Should you have any questions or concerns, email Madd_Mugsy, Sederien, or contact us in The Elder Scrolls Forum